About BioThane

BioThane originated from a group of engineers from the Polyurethane Polymer division of BF Goodrich who recognized the demand for a more flexible, high performance horse racing harness product. They worked with horse owners to create a line of synthetic belting for the tack and harness industry. This soon grew from a basement side project to the development of BioPlastics BioThane webbing which has completely changed the creation of equine belting products. BioThane is a polyester webbing with a protective polymer coating. With BioThane having its roots in the equine world, strength, durability, appearance and performance is of the utmost importance. With these characteristics, below are a few of the industries that BioThane has become very popular in:

  • Equine
  • Canine
  • Medical
  • Military/Tactical
  • Sporting Goods
  • Safety
  • and others...

BioThane's superior features are unmatched in the coated webbing industry. By using BioThane coated webbing, you have the peace of mind that your product will outperform and outlast products made with other materials, such as nylon, vinyl, leather or polyester.  BioThane also maintains it's flexibility in the cold very well.